The mission of High Street Nazarene is to lead people to Hope in Jesus Christ. And here at The 365 we want nothing different. We are dedicated to sharing the Gospel with as many students as we can, and in any environment that we can get into. We are dedicated to living a life of evangelism, missions, and servant hood. When leaving The 365, students will feel a since of accomplishment and preparedness that will lead them into their lives in college and beyond.


Extended Leadership Team:
Our leadership team recognizes that we have been called by God to serve your students. We are dedicated to living the Gospel and nothing less. Your students will see this lived out through each of our volunteers. Take a moment to get to know our Student Leadership Team here at High Street Naz..

Kathy Stouffer, Interim Youth Director

We are very pleased to have Kathy Stouffer join us as our interim minister to Youth. She received a bachelor’s degree in Education and a master’s degree in Science Teaching from Wright State University as well as a degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. She served as Minister of Children and Youth for 13 years at First Baptist Church in Urbana, where she also led worship. She has been a professional counselor for 4 years and has worked as ShineFM for 8 years. Kathy is married to Jim and together they have 4 children.


Angie, NYI President

Angie is our NYI President at High Street Naz, which means she helps lead students from fifth grade through college! Angie’s main focus in the 365 is the Jr High Students grades seven and eight!