Start of a new year

Teens and Parents!
We are back at it again and bigger and better than ever. This year we welcome the 5th and 6th graders to The 365! Through this we are able to breath life into your students faster than ever! The 5th and 6th graders will worship with the rest of The 365 and then will split off to their own area to experience Jesus more on their level! This is also the case for Sunday morning during Sunday School! We are excited to have this new experience for your Students!
And for the 7th-12th graders we are experiencing evangelism on a new level Sunday morning. How do we prepare ourselves, how do we do evangelism, and then physically doing evangelism. And for Wednesday nights, we are discussing a fresh start! We are excited to see what God will do with our fresh start this year!
We are also excited to announce a freshly renovated ATIC including a coffee bar for our students to purchase drinks at.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out! We would love to have your students a part of what we are doing not only here at High Street but in Springfield Ohio and outward!
Pastor Richie Griffith



The mission of High Street Nazarene is to lead people to Hope in Jesus Christ. And here at The 365 we want nothing different. We are dedicated to sharing the Gospel with as many students as we can, and in any environment that we can get into. We are dedicated to living a life of evangelism, missions, and servant hood. When leaving The 365, students will feel a since of accomplishment and preparedness that will lead them into their lives in college and beyond.

Extended Leadership Team:
Our leadership team recognizes that we have been called by God to serve your students. We are dedicated to living the Gospel and nothing less. Your students will see this lived out through each of our volunteers. Take a moment to get to know some of our volunteers here at The 365.

Pastor Richie, Student Ministries Pastor

Richie and his wife Kristen have been married now for eight years. They have three kids Peyton, Karlee, and Owen. When they are not at church serving they are busy at home running Peyton to football, Karlee to Dance, and having dance parties with Owen! On a hot summer day you can catch the family at the pool relaxing! Our favorite place to be is the Beach!
Pastor Richie has been the Student Ministries Pastor at High Street for two years now, and served prior at Tipp City Nazarene in Ohio. Richie has a heart for students, and understands the importance of fellowship, mission, small groups, and teaching the word.
In addition to Student Ministries Pastor, Richie serves as a volunteer on the Concert Ministries Team at High Street, and also serves on the Erie Ave team on the South Side of Springfield.


Angie, NYI President and Jr. High Leader

Angie is our NYI President at High Street Naz, which means she helps lead with Pastor Richie students from fifth grade through college! Angie’s main focus in the 365 is the Jr High Students grades seven and eight!


Melissa Fowler, High School Leader

Melissa, a Teacher in the local districts,  has been leading our Students for 4 years now at High Street. Her main place of focus is with High School Girls and one on one mentor ship.

Diana Thompson, Junior High Leader

Diana Thompson, a Junior in College is one of our Top Junior High Development leaders. Diana is leading a mission project within the 365 and is also a crucial part to our leadership development team.