Get Involved


How Do I Meet People? We have a student council whose main goal is to help your student settle in at Student Ministries. Whether it is Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights you will always feel welcome and apart of the group no matter if its your first time at the group or twentieth.

We host small groups around Springfield Ohio, these groups are called iNgroups. The meaning behind these groups is to be intentional. You will find these groups on different nights throughout the week, and in houses, coffee shops, and fast food restaurants.
Sunday School
Each Sunday morning, your teens will congregate in The Student Center at High Street. Here they will split into groups to do a more in depth Bible study. Depending on the study depends on the size of the groups and ages involved. We then go to worship and sit together in the “Student Section”
Student Council
Yearly we hold elections at the church, and for The Student Ministries this is no difference. Students will vote for a new Council every year. This is for those students who want to be leaders in this ministry. The Student council is responsible for finances, events, and design.
College Students
College students are a big part of what we do at High Street. So often they are left through the cracks, and this is something that we have seen and understand. So we are giving students a place on The Student Ministries team to serve and help other students connect. We also host a class Sunday Mornings which is designed for College Students.


Want to serve?
All of our volunteers go through a background check, and also a spiritual background check. All volunteers have a true and clear testimony. We understand that sometimes the greatest enemy to
ourselves is ourselves. So we make sure to protect our teens in every way we can, meaning our team is living a life for Christ at all times.
If interested in serving please call the church office.